Why you should work in the Blockchain Industry

You could say the blockchain industry is still currently in its infancy even though Bitcoin came into existence on the 3rd of January 2009. At the time of its launch many had speculated the first ever digital currency will fail along with the blockchain technology behind it, however that’s not quite been the case.

Since 2016, more and more tech companies have got on-board and started to implement blockchain technology into their existing businesses or build new applications on top of it. As a result a large number of alternative crypto coins have hit the marketplace which puts market capital for the industry at just over $113,000,000,000 as of the 31th Jan 2019.

Many companies are looking at ways to develop and grow blockchain technology whilst taking advantage of its key features. Naturally this opens up blockchain job opportunities in a new evolving marketplace that simply didn’t exist before. The demand for blockchain professionals and blockchain engineers is very high right now.

If you look at the Google Trends 5 year chart below for the search term “blockchain jobs” general interest has increased over the past 2 years.

Blockchain Jobs: Why You Should Work in the Blockchain Industry

Recruitment giant Indeed.com gave us an insight by publishing some statistics on the number of blockchain jobs being posted over the past few years. Since November 2015 they have seen an increase of 631% which is quite a rise! It confirms that that demand for blockchain professionals is hot right now.

Reasons to Work for a Blockchain Company

1. Blockchain Needs You

We have already mentioned above that the increase in demand for blockchain developers and professionals is sky high right now and on an upwards trend. This puts anyone with the necessary blockchain skills and experience in a great position for blockchain job opportunities. Even if you don’t have the specific skills required right now, learning them can open up new doors of rewarding employment for you.

2. Flexibility & Remote Working

It seems to be a trend right now that many blockchain tech companies offer their employees the option to work remotely. This could just be a sign of the times thanks to the internet and modern technology making our offices almost redundant. In fact many new crypto companies don’t even have offices and choose to reduce their overheads by employing only remote workers. As long as the results are the same and employees deliver what is expected of them then why not?

3. Better Salaries

Due to expertise and talent being very limited, the salaries offered by blockchain businesses is around 20% higher than most other tech industries. Profit sharing tends to be a common factor also in making up your salary. The chance to own a slice of the profits or cryptocurrency could turn out to be a real winner if the cryptocurrency value for the company does well on the market. 

4. Not Just Developer Roles

It’s true that most crypto companies are looking for engineers and developers to help build up their blockchain functionality. But like any business there are many non-tech positions offered by a typical tech company. Below is a graph taken from AngelList showing the most in demand non-tech jobs.

Blockchain Jobs: Non-Tech Job Vacancies

5. The Chance To Learn

Like the internet, blockchain is always evolving including the languages used to build it.  Solidity is the current language used to create smart contracts mainly on the Ethereum blockchain network, but that is just one language in a new expanding industry. New languages will/are being developed all the time to be used with many different networks which means you’ll likely always be learning whilst working in a tech role for a blockchain company.

6. The Spin Offs

If you’re an entrepreneur type then working in the blockchain industry can present a potential business opportunity. Some of the biggest online companies were started by groups of people working together on other projects. YouTube for example was created by 3 ex-paypal employees in 2005. YouTube is taken for granted now, but at the time the concept of a self-publishing video platform on the web was non-existent. The blockchain industry is currently in that hot space where a few collective minds working together can hit upon the next big idea that could add value and provide a different kind of blockchain service. 

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