How to attract talented Blockchain Developers to your job vacancy

Finding great developer talent can be tough for most industries, but finding great talent in the blockchain industry is proving to be particularly difficult for startups and tech companies worldwide.

Blockchain is being implemented and explored by lots of new startups as well as established companies looking to integrate the technology into their current businesses. Developing blockchain or integrating it into existing workflows can bring a number of challenges for businesses to overcome.

Firstly, finding the right candidate with the correct knowledge and experience will be your main priority before the development process even begins. Candidates who understand workflows and have experience with the languages needed to code and build complex robust blockchain systems are very rare!

Most of the talented blockchain developers and engineers are already employed and it will take some serious head turning (usually a coin offering or equity) to get them on board with you! In today's climate there are very few experienced blockchain professionals who tick all the boxes right now. Granted this shouldn't always be the case as time moves on, but for now it seems to be the main issue that many companies face trying to hire and build teams.

So how can you attract top blockchain talent to your business?

As mentioned above, usually it will take something special to turn heads and get potential candidates to take an interest in your blockchain project. Blockchain engineers and developers want to work on the most interesting projects and startups, fact!

Selling what you’re actually building is key. Make it very clear to potential job candidates exactly what it is you're creating and the impact it will have on your target market. Is it changing the world or shaking up an industry? If so then make some noise about it and let the people know!

By stating any complexity and challenges you face will always gain interest for top problem solvers and blockchain developers. These guys love to think outside the box and draw on their experience to solve issues and develop complex systems. They also like to be part of innovative teams and work in small groups brainstorming and testing ideas.

Will there be a chance for people who work with you and learn on the job gaining more valuable experience in the industry? Can you offer a remote working position rather than in house? Many developers and engineers like the flexibility of working remotely. An internet connection and a laptop is all that’s needed these days and much of the top talent prefer to work this way. Sure you may want a face to face meeting initially, but if it means securing the top talent it might be worth considering your flexibility. Remote working jobs always attract an abundance of talent, especially developers.

Hiring a specialist recruitment agency can take the hard work out of finding candidates and help build teams quickly. This can be an expensive route but a good recruitment agency will have the resources to reach and find the right people for you.

Post your job vacancies on LinkedIn and AngelList. Both of these platforms are proven to increase your chances of hiring the best people with the right experience.

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